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Claiming Their Human

Product DescriptionCaleb hates the fact his small fishing town has turned into a tourist trap. After an alleged alien sighting near the marina, everyone is trying to make money off the spectacle. Overnight vendors and obtrusive billboards replace the beautiful views of the ocean. It isn’t until two muscular men drag him to their spacecraft that he second guesses his beliefs. Zane and Kross have traveled across the galaxy to… Read More »

Their First Kiss

Product DescriptionOlivia and Stacey met through a mutual friend and as the weeks went by their feelings for each other grew, then late one night in a local park they kissed for the very first time. Though only brief, it was an affectionate kiss that confirmed to each of them that their relationship was moving to the next level. In the darkness of the park they thought they were unseen.… Read More »

HER FIRST TIME – Real Women Share the Details of Their First Girl/Girl Experience

Product DescriptionHer First Time – Real Women Share the Details of Their First Girl/Girl Experience Full length true stories submitted from women who invite you to share the pleasure (and the details) of their first-time erotic encounters with another woman. Experience bi-curious girls having their first ‘taste’ and finally fulfilling their deepest fantasies…. ‘Her First Time’ gives you hours of great bedtime reading Makes an ‘arousing’ gift for th… More… Read More »

Lesbian Strap-On Role Play: 10 Lesbians Share Their Favorite Strap-On Role Play Experience

Product DescriptionWARNING: Contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sexual acts. Intended for adults over the age of 18. LESBIAN STRAP-ON ROLE PLAY is an erotic collection of 10 lesbian’s detailed descriptions of their favorite real-life strap-on role play experiences. The ladies included every nuance, sensation and thought, and held nothing back in their retelling of these intensely arousing intimate encounters. In LESBIAN STRAP-ON ROLE PLAY, you will hear … More >>… Read More »

College Jock Sex Tales Vol 1 – Str8 College Jocks & Their Gay Sexual Encounters

Product DescriptionAll gay guys love an all-American college jock don’t they? It’s that sexually powerful mix of a physically perfect, well-toned body plus a self-confident heterosexuality that makes college jocks so appealing to gay men. Many gay men fantasise about having a hot sexual experience with such a str8 jock. For most, this remains nothing more than a fantasy that they can enjoy whilst pleasuring themselves. But for some lucky… Read More »

Gay Gang Rape: A Group of Muscle Men and Their Forced Submission of a Gay Youth

Product Description****ADULT CONTENT NOTICE! THIS IS AN EROTIC SHORT NOVELAdult Content: This book contains sexually graphic scenes depicting consenting adults, aged 18 or older, engaging in consensual sexual activities.If you do not wish to read about such acts, stop reading NOW.****A young gay youth. A group of muscle weight lifters in the Middle East who are a bit on the horny side… So here I was in this hostel place… Read More »

Lesbian First Times: 10 Lesbians Share Their First Sexual Experience With a Woman

Product DescriptionWARNING: Contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sexual acts. Intended for adults over the age of 18. ‘Lesbian First Times’ is an erotic collection of 10 lesbians’ detailed descriptions of their first sexual experience with a woman. The women were asked by lesbian author, Jennifer Power, to provide as much detail as possible and to hold nothing back in their retelling of these intimate encounters. Jennifer compiled these stories from… Read More »

ELICIT: Two Fearful Girls and Their Passionate Self-Discovery

Product DescriptionThis is the story of Iris Delaney and Ginger Sharpe. Close friends who have seen each other through the best and worst of times. When an afternoon of harmless fun turns into one of intense passion, they find themselves lost to their own sensual desires. However, this unified path of self-discovery could ultimately bring their friendship to a heartbreaking end. Will the two overcome self-conscious fear? Or will they… Read More »