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Lesbian Sex Positions: A Lustful Collection of Tips For A Fun Time For Women Sex With Women

Product DescriptionGet the best sex ever with these tried and tested positions!Now you can have the best sex satisfaction on this book!Are you in a position of looking for better satisfaction in sex? “The Cliffhanger is an explosive position for me and my woman—really gets you to a mind-blowing orgasm!” – Barbara V. Having sex is not all about having orgasm. It also needs variety to achieve better pleasure.This book… Read More »

Rachael McCoy’s top 5 tips for better flirting

  Some people think flirting is a negative thing but I personally think it’s a great skill to have. It allows you to create a subtle connection with someone without having the pressure of taking things further. Every day of our lives we have to communicate with people, work colleagues, sales assistants, friends, family etc and it’s all very ‘sensible’. Sometimes it’s nice just to let your hair down and… Read More »

50 Exquisite Tips On Oral Sex From Lesbians

Product Description~ “Mmmm – This is clever, good, sexy and funny!” ~ “Loved it!” CUNNILINGUS IS FUN Seriously! I believe that cunnilingus is perhaps the most enjoyed form of partner sex that women can engage in. I mean, what can compare to the feeling of a warm wet tongue sliding across a woman’s vulva and clitoris? With the exception of masturbation, oral sex probably results in more female orgasms than… Read More »

Lesbian Sex Tips For Maximum Female Pleasure: How to Satisfy Her Every Time

Product DescriptionDiscover the best in Lesbian Sex Tips! Whether you’re gay or straight if you really want to satisfy a woman between the sheets – then you need to understand her mind and body. As a lesbian – I know women, I know lesbian love making and I absolutely love giving a woman incredible pleasure. This guide on lesbian lovemaking and female pleasure – will show you how to get… Read More »

TOP Lesbian Sex Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Product DescriptionThere’s a lot wrapped up in lesbian sexual experience. Whether it’s your first time, or you have been a lesbian for a while, having sex with another woman is an amazing experience, even if you are not gay. This book provides a variety of tips, tricks, and interesting new things to try with your female lover. The secrets to great lesbian sex are portrayed in this book in a… Read More »

Sex Tips For Straight Women from a Gay Man

Product Description Who better to unveil the mysteries of the he-man psyche than a woman’s best friend, the master of clever and refined thinking, the gay man? He knows exactly when, where, and how to elicit that ultimate ooh-ooh, because he knows all too well what he wants. Two fearless and dedicated scholars, Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman have conducted an intensive, lifelong survey on the subject of male pleasure,… Read More »