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Tough Love – The True Story of my Submissive Adventures

Kate is a successful executive in her early forties with a house in central London, a loving husband, beautiful kids and a toned body to be envied. But Kate remains unfulfilled. For as long as she can remember, she has fantasised about being dominated, about experiencing the harshest punishment and the most exquisite sexual pleasures at the hands of strangers. Tough Love is a true tale of how she made… Read More »

Tale of a Gay Redneck – Based on a True Story

Product DescriptionLife can be stranger than fiction and Junior’s life is one of those tales. His father and uncle tried to teach him how to be a good redneck, but he didn’t accept their ways. His mother wanted him to meet a good redneck woman, have a big family wedding and give her lots of beautiful grandbabies, but he came of the closet and broke her heart. They sent him… Read More »

True Gay Interracial: I was a straight white college jock who was fucked by a straight black man. EPISODE #4 – At Home in Boston

Product DescriptionX-Rated True Gay Interracial Sex. Finally I couldn’t stop myself any longer. I knew he lived down in New York, so I got a hold of him and went down to visit. Once again I went from being a straight-guy, thinking like a straight guy, acting like a straight guy, to doing whatever Cam wanted me to. It was amazing! And I decided that I was going to hook… Read More »

True Gay Interracial: My wife’s boss, a giant football linebacker, fucked me on our couch while she slept in the other room.

Product DescriptionX-Rated True Gay Interracial Straight-Guy Sex My wife is an absolute doll who I adore. If she ever finds out about this I don’t think it would turn out to well for our relationship. I sure didn’t mean for it happen nor did I ever imagine something like this would happen to me. A massive muscular black guy with an unbelievably huge cock on top of me and fucking… Read More »

First Spankings – True spanking initiations

This is a fascinating and highly readable series of reminiscences from throughout the author’s life of giving girls their earliest adult spankings. He writes candidly and with humour and shows how, provided its done with care, consideration and a spot of eroticism, receiving her first ever spanking can lead a girl to years of spanking enjoyment. The author is clearly not only very experienced but also obviously loves his subject… Read More »

After Midnight: True Lesbian Erotic Confessions

Product DescriptionThe uncensored words of real lesbians describing their hottest, wildest erotic adventures. This real-life erotica collection is like peeking into the secret diaries of some very frisky girls.In this collection, lesbians from across the country reveal their deepest, most intimate erotic secrets — things they wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. Like the blisteringly hot story of 21-year-old Jessica who seduces her mother’s best friend. Or Stacy J.’s confession o…… Read More »

Dreams Come True

Product DescriptionThe last person Jamie Truman wants to see at his sister’s wedding is the man he both loves and hates. Payne Rogan is outgoing and athletic, the kind of guy Jamie’s father always wanted Jamie to be, and while undeniably attracted to Payne, Jamie still resents him for that. But when he finds out Payne is equally interested in him, it forces Jamie to examine his painful past so… Read More »

True Secrets of Lesbian Desire: Keeping Sex Alive in Long-Term Relationships

Product DescriptionStendhal examines the “shadow” in lesbian relationships that descends when women bond so completely that the intimacy becomes a merging, obliterating the space between individuals where desire lies. Lesbian bed death, the topic of so many comediennes, is examined and reined in, no longer an inevitable result of a solid relationship. True Secrets of Lesbian Desire casts an eye on the myths that burden us all…. More >> True… Read More »