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Truth Runs Deep

Product Description Mystery. Suspense. Murder. A community in Hampton, Virginia is turned upside down when a devout family is brutally murdered. Meanwhile, the local Catholic church is grievously divided as a parish priest confronts allegations of sexual misconduct. Faced with the most disturbing crime of his career, Hampton’s police chief partners with a feisty, independent-minded newspaper reporter to seek truth and justice. Truth Runs Deep explores … More >> Truth Runs Deep

The Truth About Jack & Ray

Product DescriptionEnglish professor Jack, an embittered older man in 1990s San Francisco, has a vivid flashback to his turbulent, secret love affair in North Beach in the early 1950s with tormented young artist Ray, who cares only about ambition and his art. An intense, gripping story about a doomed relationship that changes the course of a man’s entire life. Review: Gabriella West paints a stark and painful portrait of obsession.… Read More »