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Aviator’s Hidden Turbulence – Forced Gay Seduction

Product DescriptionGraduating with straight A’s, Adam Standish is a smart boy. He dreams of becoming a pilot and he is about to realize his dream when… One senior pilot, John Poland, remarks about him being gay. How did he know? Adam’s heart begins to sink. Captain John Poland offers him to be a cabin crew instead. But Adam won’t settle for less! So, he refuses the offer, being firm on… Read More »

Turbulence 4: Connecting Flight

Product DescriptionThere’s no place like home. For Paul Cronin, maybe that’s a good thing. His DC condo is practically empty, aside from a week’s worth of mail and the lingering smell of his hippie housekeeper’s vinegar-based cleaners. His life is empty too, filled with activities he doesn’t enjoy and friends he only hangs out with because it’s easier than avoiding them. It doesn’t seem like Dallas Turner would have much… Read More »

Turbulence 1: Into the Bermuda Triangle

Product DescriptionGAY PARANORMAL ROMANCE You don’t need to be macho to be strong. AVA First Officer Paul Cronin should know—he’s a gay pilot in a profession that reeks of testosterone. The other pilots are macho. The mechanics are macho. Heck, even the baggage handlers are macho. It seems like the only men on the airline who aren’t strutting around talking cars and football are the flight attendants. With his scheduled… Read More »

Turbulence 3: Red-Eye Dawn

Product DescriptionPaul Cronin has never been one to improvise. Now he’s found himself in the middle of a brand new world, with brand new rules. He would be the first one to play by those rules—heck, he’d relish them—if only he knew what they were. Luckily for Paul, his predecessor Marlin already discovered the lay of the land, and that research is passed along to him. It should help him… Read More »

Turbulence 2: Autopilot Engaged

Product DescriptionGAY PARANORMAL ROMANCE People are complicated. Public figures often lead seedy double lives, while average folks rise to the occasion in times of crisis. Dallas Turner is a people person, and as a long-time flight attendant, he’s dealt with them all. Frazzled parents with overtired kids. Demanding businessmen who can’t fly unless they’re three sheets to the wind. Terrified passengers clinging to their armrests with a white-knuckled grip. >… Read More »