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Battle for Vampire Abbey

Passionate and sexy, Battle For Vampire Abbey is the erotic sequel with more bite. It’s almost seventy years since Mina Farnsworth became a vampire and devoted her eternal life to the Baroness Stefania Locusta. While they’re still passionately in love, Mina is swayed by the roaring 40’s lifestyle, putting their relationship at risk to support Britain in its hour of war-time need. Tensions between them reach breaking point when Mina… Read More »

The Slave-Girl and the Vampire

Product DescriptionSet in a post-apocalyptic future where men are but a historical footnote… When Carolyn arrives at a remote mansion for a job interview, she is horrified to discover herself trapped and enslaved by a perverse mistress – but it’s not until she’s taken to the basement that she’s given reason to scream, and then her life changes forever…. More >> The Slave-Girl and the Vampire

The Vampire Skye – an erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage themes

Product DescriptionAn erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage theme from Xcite Books, winners ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 & 2012 Leah works for the Authority, a secretive Government department dedicated to managing the vampires who live in society and keeping their presence hidden from the human population. Her latest client, Skye, wants to flee the Authority’s restrictions and go off-programme – and if that means feeding… Read More »

Fenton: the Loneliest Vampire

Product DescriptionLost Realm Book #1.5Previous Book: Blood & Ash (#1)Next Book: Fire & Ice (#2) Fenton was born in a remote village during a raging storm. Bad omens surround his birth. He grows up alone, understanding from an early age that he is not the same as the other children. He does not fit in. Then he meets Alec; another young man who doesn’t belong. Hope, loss and banishment ensue… Read More »

The Seduction Of A Vampire

Product DescriptionA young man waits on the corner of a lonely street, in the hopes that a vampire will notice him. — He gets more than he ever thought possible and far sooner than he ever imagined. —- He will do anything. He will give up everything. — Lust, passionate, no closed doors. Who is seduced? The young mortal man, or the ancient vampire? Product DescriptionA young man waits on… Read More »

Vampire Changeling

Product Description This novella is sexually explicit and not to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. Zaleska is the only daughter of Vlad the Impaler, (Prince of Darkness.) In the 17th Century she takes Anasytázia, a young woman living at the foot of a mountain in Romania. She is to be a sister Vampire to her taker and is soon joined by three other young women from… Read More »

Vampire Lesbians – An Erotic Vampire Novella

Product DescriptionOne of many hot steamy sexual vampire stories from #1 Bestselling Kindle Author Joan Wilder Description: A reunion that immortality could only bring. What do you do when the love of your life returns to you after hundreds of years of loneliness? Yes I agree, I’d do the same thing; lots of wild sex. Reading Excerpt: “The feeling of our womanly softness colliding and becoming one is the feeling… Read More »

The Lust Of A Vampire II

Product DescriptionA young male poet finds himself in a NYC skyscraper. A Vampire who has been searching the passed 700 years for the man he would spend eternity walking the nights with. This vampire has found the one he has sought. Not only does lust and passion, blood and life, drive the cursed soul on his search, but so does loneliness and the love that he seeks. From the book… Read More »

Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica

Product DescriptionFor bad girls looking for love . . . fangs are more than an accessory.These are no Twilight tales — the stories in Girls Who Bite are varied, unexpected, and soul-scorching. Best-selling romance writer Delilah Devlin and her contributors investigate vampire myths from around the world, and add fresh girl-on-girl blood to the pantheon of the paranormal.Take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest erotic… Read More »