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The Erotic Adventures of Ambrose Horne – Victorian sleuth extraordinaire

Product DescriptionAmbrose Horne is a Victorian sleuth and enterprising eroticist for whom no puzzle is too perplexing, no secret is too scandalous, and no position is too impolite. Armed with only his relentless curiosity for the darkest recesses of human sexuality, Ambrose Horne is the enterprising eroticist for whom no puzzle is too perplexing, no secret is too scandalous, and no position is too impolite. Now, gathered together for your… Read More »

Captured by Him ~ The third novelette from “Different Desire”, a Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic novelette collection

Product DescriptionSummary:Milton Huntington, the oldest son of Duke Huntington, should consider himself a happy man since he just got his marriage proposal to Miss Constance Bradwardine accepted, however he is not. To make things worse, his carriage is stopped by a gang of highwaymen on his way home and from there things are rapidly turning worse. Keywords: M/M romance, Marriage proposal, highway robbery, semi-rouge sex, anal intercourse. An extract from… Read More »

A Seasonal Victorian Spanking

An Xcite Books collection of five festive stories with mixed themes including m/f, BDSM/spanking, costumes, party, risky business, first sex, interracial, ghost and humour. A Seasonal Victorian Spanking by Victoria Blisse The museum’s Christmas party is the perfect setting for Lucy to seduce Edward, its witty and intelligent curator. Wearing an authentic Victorian gown and tightly laced bespoke corset, she sets her plan in action and captures his attention with her lack of underwear, historically accurate or… Read More »

Blackmail ~ A Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic Novella

Product DescriptionSummary:Surely young Mr Frederick Whyatt could never had imagined that he would manage to get himself all tangled up with a flamboyant rake and a pretty prostitute during his first trip to London? All he wanted was to see the wonders of the crown jewel of the British Empire while accompanying his parents and sister. Naive and innocent, he instead finds himself in love with a young gentleman, and… Read More »

Master and Servant ~ The fourth story from “Lust and Lace”, a Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection

Product DescriptionSummary:Strange dreams and suppressed desire is haunting the young master of a large and neglected mansion. Without knowing, the new servant, Victor, is the source of forbidden temptation. An extract from the story:“Anything else, Sir?” he said and just slightly leaned closer, while his mind was having a rebellion against his behaviour. What was he doing? Was he insane? He would loose his employment! Ah, but he had not… Read More »

Orchid Pink – full length historical erotic novel set in Victorian London

Product DescriptionOrchid Pink is a fascinating and complex romance with many surprising revelations. The sex scenes are deliciously steamy as Adelaide explores her sensual side first with Daisy and then with Thomas following their marriage. With well developed characters, a unique storyline and a few unexpected twists and turns Toni Sands fully engages the reader in this compelling novel of romance and life in the Victorian Era. – bookreviewsandmorebykathy.com An… Read More »

The Collector’s Edition of Victorian Lesbian Erotica

Product DescriptionThe Victorian era offers an untapped wellspring of lesbian erotica. Indeed, Victorian erotica writers treated lesbians and bisexual women with voracious curiosity and tender affection. As far as written treasuries of vice and perversion go, the Victorian era has no equal. These stories delve into the world of the aristocrat and the streetwalker, the seasoned seductress and the innocent naïf. Represented in this anthology are a variety of genres,… Read More »