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Must Love Wolves

Neil Affleck is working in the Highlands of Scotland, researching his doctorate on wolves in myth and folklore. The solitude gives him time and space to get over the shock of having been duped by fraudster Phillip, who he met on an Internet dating site. His peace is disturbed when he finds a young, half-naked man in the grounds of his cottage, unconscious and covered in cuts and bruises. Logan… Read More »

Our Lady of Wolves

Product DescriptionIn a village stalked by monsters, time is running out. Desperate, Kelly braves the toothsome forest and a ruined church to pray to the Lady of Wolves for help. But when a mysterious stranger–the first stranger in decades to find the dying town–appears with a wolf at her side, Kelly and the villagers are forced to make a radical choice. Grim and sensual, “Our Lady of Wolves” is a… Read More »