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Lesbian Sex Positions: A Lustful Collection of Tips For A Fun Time For Women Sex With Women

Product DescriptionGet the best sex ever with these tried and tested positions!Now you can have the best sex satisfaction on this book!Are you in a position of looking for better satisfaction in sex? “The Cliffhanger is an explosive position for me and my woman—really gets you to a mind-blowing orgasm!” – Barbara V. Having sex is not all about having orgasm. It also needs variety to achieve better pleasure.This book… Read More »

Kinky Girls – An Xcite Collection about Women with a Wild Side

Product DescriptionKinky girls come in many shapes and sizes, but all share some common qualities. They live for pleasure – both to give it and receive it – and they’re definitely not afraid to push the sexual boundaries to realise their goal. Whether it’s bondage, role play, toys or al fresco loving, nothing comes between a girl and her kink – unless she wants it to, of course! For these… Read More »

Women 4 Women

Product DescriptionThree more wonderfully written tales of lesbian seduction, surrender and sex – covering 170 pages (more than 49,000 words). ‘Polly at Albertine’s’ finds Polly Hartley (from Sapphic Liaisons) fresh from her affair with a favourite neighbour, now in search of more daring and decadent love, finding it in a night of orgiastic abandon in a very private ladies club. ‘Lucy and Lady Chatterley’ captures the risks, desires, passions and… Read More »

The New Women

Product DescriptionAt the dawn of a new century, the world is changing for women. More girls of a certain class are being educated and making their own living. Freedom from traditional roles can be heady, but not everyone drinks from the same cup. When Claudia Thomas graduates from the newly formed Burnham College for Women, Class of 1880, she is not ready to trade the life of the mind for… Read More »

Willful Women

Product DescriptionIn addition to this book, I have recently published “Willful Women II”. The new edition contains five of the best stories from this collection, plus five new-and-improved ones for only $2.99. If you have a moment, please check it out. Due to its just being published, it is not yet rated. Willful Women is a collection of twelve adult fiction stories in a variety of genres. Each tale has… Read More »

Tantric Sex for Women: A Guide for Lesbian, Bi, Hetero, and Solo Lovers

Product DescriptionUsing an inclusive, empowering approach, this book explains how every woman — heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual or solo — can add relish to sexual encounters and increase her pleasure through use of tantric methods. In a warm, knowledgeable tone, Christa Schulte explains all the basics of tantric sex, including how to become more body-aware, how to cultivate pleasure using all five senses and how to practice “Tara-tantra,” a woman-centered tantric… Read More »

When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior’s Path

Product DescriptionWinner, 2010 EPIC Ebook Award for fiction in the Mainstream category. “Breathtakingly gorgeous writing … a multi-layered tale of such depth, breadth and insight that it was very nearly a spiritual experience…”–from a review by T. T. Thomas on Amazon.com “…reminds me of Le Guin, of Cecelia Holland, and something of Rosemary Sutcliff… It made me feel as I did when I was a child reading authors like those…… Read More »

HER FIRST TIME – Real Women Share the Details of Their First Girl/Girl Experience

Product DescriptionHer First Time – Real Women Share the Details of Their First Girl/Girl Experience Full length true stories submitted from women who invite you to share the pleasure (and the details) of their first-time erotic encounters with another woman. Experience bi-curious girls having their first ‘taste’ and finally fulfilling their deepest fantasies…. ‘Her First Time’ gives you hours of great bedtime reading Makes an ‘arousing’ gift for th… More… Read More »

Sex Tips For Straight Women from a Gay Man

Product Description Who better to unveil the mysteries of the he-man psyche than a woman’s best friend, the master of clever and refined thinking, the gay man? He knows exactly when, where, and how to elicit that ultimate ooh-ooh, because he knows all too well what he wants. Two fearless and dedicated scholars, Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman have conducted an intensive, lifelong survey on the subject of male pleasure,… Read More »