The Ancient’s Destiny – Book Three in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

By | April 25, 2014

Seven magi remain on Earth, including the subject of an ancient prophecy, Cereza Mikhailov. Abandoned by her first love and isolated from everyone she ever cared about, Cereza has turned her back on her past and lives a shallow existence of lust and indulgence, unaware that the world is about to change for ever.

An ancient magical being wants to wipe out humanity and bring about a new world. An old enemy is rising again. Cereza’s parents are missing. And caught in the middle of it all is young waitress Rose Covington, whose budding relationship with a mysterious stranger might be cut off before it even begins.

Combining explicit sexual content, intense supernatural action and shocking plot twists into a dark erotic romance unlike any other, The Ancient’s Destiny brings an unforgettable conclusion to the Prophecy Girl Trilogy.

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