The Pet Shop

By | April 16, 2013

I have to be honest and say I found this story a little bit hmmmm to start with, the thought of people being pets and people paying for the privilege to be their keeper for a weekend was a bit(???) – until I got into it and how wrong was I!! I absolutely loved it, I thought Stella and Tino’s story was so gripping and HOT, I couldn’t put it down. Tino OMG I loved him, soooo sexy, knowing all Stella’s needs without saying a single word. I would most definately not push him away if he came up for a sniff of me lol. As per K D Grace, The Pet Shop is jam packed with super hot sex scenes that will keep you gripped from start to finish. Apparently there’s talk of a follow on The Pet Shop – yipeeee!!!

– Haydrew
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