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By | April 26, 2013

Congratulations to Marie Rebelle, of Rebel Notes, on winning our amazing Swan Vibes #xciteme twitter giveaway. We are please to welcome Marie Rebelle as a guest blogger to review the product and let us know what she thought.


Totally unexpectedly I won a competition hosted by Xcite books. I tweeted about my Good Friday and used the hashtag #xciteme and was very excited when I was tweeted that I had won the competition.

My prize? The Silver Swan by Swan Vibes.

I received the Silver Swan just in time for the Easter weekend, as promised, and a week later I was all ready and set to review it.

pic1vibesPackaging & Contents
The Silver Swan comes in a beautiful white box that can be used to store your vibes and everything that comes with it. The box has a magnetic closure and is very sturdy, which makes it very useful for long term storage. Inside the box is a black toy pouch with the Swan logo on it. The charger comes with different plug adapters to connect, so you can charge the device in any country when travelling! This is quite a great idea from Swan Vibes! The toy, the charger and the different country adapters were all packed in separate, sealed plastic bags. The instructions pamphlet was also in the box, held in place by Velcro.


pic2vibesShape ‘n Size
The toy is 170mm long, the main head of the toy has a diameter of 40mm and the small, clitoral extension has a diameter of 23mm. The base of the toy is 33mm in diameter. On the back of the toy is the opening where you can insert the jack to charge the toy, which is protected so as to be waterproof.

The Silver Swan is made of 100% seamless silicon and it feels like velvet. It has a very soft feel to it, yet the toy is firm. The material is waterproof, phthalate free and travel-ready. And of course, the bright pink color is so lovable it makes you want to use it immediately.


How does it work?
The Silver Swan has two separately controlled vibrations. Button 1 is for the main head and button 2 is for the clitoral extension. Both of the vibrations are powered by PowerBullet (TM). The toy takes 2 hours to charge and once fully charged it can run up to 6 hours on the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Push a button once to start the vibrations, and when you want to increase the speed of the vibrations, you just push and hold the button. The vibrations are quite powerful. To turn off the vibrations you just push the button once, shortly. There are no variable vibrations, but this toy definitely does not need that. The steady vibrations are more than enough, and the kind of vibrations most girls long for.

My experience with the toy
I washed the toy before I used it. Before I started to use it, I checked how the controls work. I held the toy against my opening and slowly pushed in. I did not use any lubrication, but if you are not wet enough, you can apply a water based lubricant. Once it was inside, I turned the vibrations on. It was not strong enough, so I pushed the button and held it down. As the vibrations got louder I was pleased that the toy did not get noisier. In fact, I could have used this toy  while there are people in the next room and it would have been discreet enough.

The vibrations were perfect and the toy hit my G-spot perfectly. Unfortunatly the clitoral vibrator is just too short to reach my clitoris, but that is personal preference. I liked the vibrations against my inner labia though, and could use the main stimulator for clitoral pressure anyway. The vibrator filled me well and felt very good.

My opinion of the toy
I am very impressed with this toy, even though the secondary stimulator did not reach my clitoris. The Silver Swan will be one of my most used toys. I love the G-spot arousal and the possibility of combing this with clitoral stimulation. This makes for great orgasms and how better to achieve that than with such a lovely vibrating toy as the Silver Swan.

Where to buy?
The Swan Vibe can be bought from:
* Swan Vibes Online shop
* Ann Summers
* Lovehoney

A last note: Swan offers a 1-year limited warranty for any defects in materials and workmanship from the date of original retail purchase, but they also provide an extended 10-year guarantee. Go to their fabulous website to register!

Thanks, Xcite Books, for making it possible for me to win and try this toy!

Marie Rebelle



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